Why do I need an Expert to Install My Electric Driveway Gate?

Automatic gates are becoming as much of a feature as garage door openers.  So why isn’t installation just as standard?  On automatic gate openers, gates are rarely the same.  They are hung on different posts, different hinges or rollers, off columns, made of different materials and designs, have different wind considerations and can have any weight and length combinations imaginable. Considerations most frequently overlooked in the do-it-yourself market are safety, weather impact, visitors and power access to name a few. If aesthetics is important, you need an expert.

The more custom the installation the more features the system will have the higher the likely hood of post installation adjustments.  What about manufacturer defects and warranty processing?  It happens, no different than a new automobile.  Installation warranties and post installation support can easily surpass any savings achieved from purchasing on the internet, not to mention your time and potential frustration.

Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems has the installation experience with virtually every type of gate opener, gate and controls.  Get the experts at Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems involved from the start of your project.