Residential Solar Powered Gate Openers in Virginia

During some recent sales calls to the Charlottesville, Virginia area we have been asked if solar powered gate openers are available?

On many residences and farms in Charlottesville AC power is not available or practical at the entry system location. A solar power gate entry system is available and reliable. We get few service calls and positive feedback from our customers who have had solar powered gate operators installed at their properties.

Installations can include keypads, transmitters, free exit vehicle probe, photo beams for safety and on some sites safety and free exit traffic loops.  The number of devices using power dictate the wattage and size of the solar panel.  Solar power has come a long way and is sufficient to motorize your gates.

When you choose to use a solar powered system you will be able to take advantage of the Residential Energy Efficient Credit authorized by the Internal Revenue Service Code 25D.

For more information on solar operators feel free to contact one of our sales representatives.