Preventive Maintenance for Automatic Gate Openers and Entry Systems in Raleigh, Durham, and Research Triangle Park

Our service department has received a number of service requests for automatic gate openers in the Raleigh, Durham and Research Triangle Park area where the repair needed was old fashioned preventive maintenance.

Nothing is more frustrating than coming home and the automatic driveway gate won’t open.  For commercial locations, and self storage facilities a loss of your perimeter security and disruption of entries and exits can be costly.

Preventive maintenance programs save money by reducing and eliminating breakdown costs and dramatically extending the operating life of your automatic gate openers or turnstiles. The most obvious benefit is reduced costs for service performed on entry systems. You have the assurance that manufactures maintenance tasks are being completed and wearable components are replaced per the manufacturers recommendations.  This eliminates expensive repair service calls for parts such as belts, batteries, springs and guides to name a few.

We all know little problems lead to bigger problems.  An example would be a worn $5 guide that goes uncorrected and leads to uneven wear on a sprocket that eventually bends a shaft that damages an $800 gearbox.  Routine maintenance and inspection is also important for the safe operation of all entry systems.

Scheduling and maintenance history all tracked and maintained by Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems.  It’s that easy.

Programs include monthly, quarterly and semi-annual maintenance.  It all depends on the type equipment and number of daily cycles. For residential sites semi-annual visits is sufficient, gated communities and commercial sites generally quarterly but again it depends on daily cycles. Crash rated equipment is usually monthly or quarterly depending on cycles and security level of the facility.

Plans can even be customized.  The real question is can you afford not to be enrolled in a maintenance plan.