How do Emergency Vehicles Enter a Secure Automatic Gate?

When designing a secure entrance to a residence, gated community or apartment complex with motorized gates it is very important to take into consideration how emergency vehicles will access the property during an emergency. The most recommended and reliable types of emergency controls are Knox Systems, Click2Enter and Siren Operated System.

The Knox system works primarily on an electric override key switch.  However, Knox has a long list of options and products to address most all scenarios beyond a key switch.  Knox is very secure, because only emergency service (EMS) departments maintain access to keys, codes and devices, not owners or installers.  The Knox Company has a complete line of high security products.  Most emergency service departments are on the Knox system, but not all.  Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems can quickly determine if your locality is on the Knox system.

Click2Enter works on a state of the art electronic system where it uses  restricted public safety radio frequency to trigger the gate to open upon EMS arrival on site. With this technology there is no need in getting out of the vehicle to open the gate so it doesn’t delay in responding to the emergency that was dispatched. Proper installation requires coordination and testing with local EMS.  For more information contact Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems.

Siren Operated Sensor (SOS) responds to the sound of a siren to open  gates, parking arms, and barriers in an emergency. If you are thinking of installing this at your site you will need to keep in mind that if you are on a main road, anytime a fire or any other rescue vehicle passes, the gate could possibly open.

A handful of other less frequently used reliable devices exist.  Many localities have specific ordinances and requirements for EMS access.  It’s always best to hire a knowledgable, reputable and experienced installer to properly address EMS requirements and automatic gates for your locality.  Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems has years of experience advising customers and regularly coordinates with EMS departments on emergency access.