Frequently ask questions about Driveway Gate Operators.

Automatic Driveway Gate Answers…

Residential customers have many questions when considering an automatic driveway gate.  From cost to features, as well as buying reliable equipment.  The questions we hear:

What type of gate is best for our driveway?

Can you motorize our existing manual gate?

How do I open the gate?

How do I let visitors in?

What are the best gate operators?

How much will it cost?

Can I do it myself?

What else do I need to consider?

If you don’t have an existing gate it depends on the space available, aesthetics, gate purpose and your preference.  The main options are slide and swing gates but a couple of other options exist.  Most existing gates can be motorized, it needs to be inspected and repairs may be needed prior to motorizing, but using an existing gate will certainly save you money.

The access control options these days seems to be endless.  Most people prefer to stick with the basic stuff like handheld remotes and keypads.  Do you want the gate open certain times of the day?  Many options and features are available, it depends on what you want and your budget.

Visitors present different considerations, types of visitors, quantity of visitors, distance gate is from the house.  How do you want to be notified of a visitor?  Do you want to see who is at the gate?  Do you want to know who is at the gate when you’re not home?  Do you want the ability to allow someone in when your not at home?  Do you want to grant access for specific visitors only during certain times of the day?

Gate operators are like any consumer or commercial product, there’s good and bad.  The key is to deal with a reputable installer, inquire about warranties and don’t be shy about asking for references.  If they’re reputable they won’t hesitate with references.

The biggest question is usually cost.  The answer is, it depends.  It depends on the gate that’s being motorized and features you want.  To get a good budget number or specific quote contact Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems.  The estimator knows what to ask to get you accurate information.  The internet is not very useful in this regard.

Can you do it yourself?  We doubt it.  All too often we are called during home projects that aren’t working out.  We find inferior equipment, incorrect wire and no safety considerations just to name a few short comings.  Unfortunately. we’re called after people have spent hard earned money on equipment that’s just not going to work.

The most important thing people don’t consider is safety.  Industry and municipal standards exist for automatic driveway gates.  Power, conduits and drive surface must always be considered.

Post installation support.  You wouldn’t buy a new car or furnace without a warranty?  You shouldn’t buy a new gate operator without an installation warranty to go along with the manufacturers warranty.  You also need to plan on routine preventive maintenance.  It’s a small price to pay to protect your investment.

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