Choosing the Right Access Controls for Your Automatic Gate

Knowing what access control devices to use to control your automatic gate can seem overwhelming. The possibilities seem endless. The real question is what do you need?

Commercial, residential, gated community or self storage facility the requirements and needs are different. Who will be using the gate? How many people will be using the gate? Will you need to track the information?

For commercial, the first question to ask is what are you trying to protect? Who needs access? Those needing access could range from a handful of people to everyone in a large company. It could range from push button controls to integrated controls with proximity readers.  What about visitors, how will they enter, how will you know they’re there?

For residential a simple receiver and transmitter (garage door opener) is best, due to a very limited number of people using the gate.  The next question to ask is what about visitors?  How will they enter, how will you know they’re at the gate? Telephone entry system is the most accepted solution, but other options exist.

For gated communities, simpler is better, however the number of residents, access locations brings challenges and adds complexity. Information and access needs to be updated almost daily. How to update conveniently is very important. A system that can handle visitors for hundreds of residents can sound overly complex. It’s easier than you think, but you’ll want an expert to advise on what’s best and easiest.

Self storage facilities usually want access information directly tied to customer account information. If not, at least specific time schedules to control entry and exit points. Do you want the access controls integrated or just stand alone?

Proper safety devices for automatic gate are also critically important. It’s important that the gate be UL325 compliant. Don’t go it alone, contact an expert.

Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems knows what questions to ask to get you the right controls within your budget.