Automatic Crash Rated Bollards

Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems has been installing automatic crash rated bollards for about 15 years. Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems has completed successful installations throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and Mid-West at government and commercial facilities.  We also provide the most comprehensive and price competitive preventive maintenance packages and repair for these  systems.

The decision to use crash rated automatic bollards is based on the level of security, space, pedestrians, and aesthetics.  It’s easier to blend bollards with building aesthetics.

Many security managers still prefer wedges and beams, however the flexibility of bollards is making them more accepted by architects and builders.  They’re all now available K-4 through K-12 crash tested and rated and available hydraulic, electro-mechanical and even pneumatic.  We’re seeing more and security managers consider and opt for bollards.

Another specialty of Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems is manual removable bollards, the most cost effective option at Colleges and Universities with high pedestrian traffic but limited vehicle access requirements.

Feel free to call one of Mid-Atlantic Entry Systems experienced estimators for more information regarding bollards for your perimeter security needs.