Ants, Insects, Rodents, Automatic Gates and Access Controls

While we are the first to admit we are not scientists we can say from our experience that ants are attracted to electrical voltage. Frequently during the spring and summer months we respond for service calls and discover ant and insect infestation on low voltage components where the ant and insect carcasses have built-up and caused a short and damaged a component or components. Usually control boards and motor contactors but not limited to those items.  Conversations with our manufacturers, other service industries such as HVAC, see it and confirm what we experience.  Internet searches provide articles of frequent occurrences around the country but few reasons why they’re attracted to low voltage.

Our technicians do carry insect repellant (spray) and routinely clear and clean out ants and insects from equipment.  We recommend to our customers to treat, or have an exterminator treat, the area around the automatic gate operators and control devices as well as other outdoor electric items they may have.  Routine preventive maintenance can identify insect infestation issues so they can be managed and corrected before damaging an expensive component.

Rodents nest in the equipment housings, we assume for shelter and warmth and again the internet reveals we are not alone in experiencing these invasions.  It is amazing how small a space they can fit through.  We recommend any rodent repellent or trap that can  be purchased at a local hardware store to keep them away.  Also, we close and block openings where these instances occur to prevent future entry.  Again, routine preventive maintenance can identify this problem and stop it before expensive damage is done.